Commercial / Behind the scenes film - Volvo Trucks, The Flying Passenger


Together with the filmcrew of the latest Volvo Trucks commercial I was a part of filming the “behind the scenes film” Meet the two stars of the The Flying Passenger: Louise Marriott, driver, and Guillaume Galvani, pro paraglider.


Bts - Volvo Trucks


Titel: Volvo Trucks, The Flying passenger. Meet the heroes behind the gravity-defying paragliding stunt

Director: Axel Lindqvist / Spoon

DoP: Conny Fridh, Axel Lindqvist (Aerial shots and driving, truck images created by commercial filmteam.)

Producer: Axel Lindqvist / Spoon

Editor: John Sehag / Spoon

Agency: Spoon / Forsman & Bodenfors

Stillphoto: (introduction picture to film): Robin Aron

© 2016 Copyright CONNY FRIDH