Documentary on actress Kim Anderzon. Loved and acclaimed for her roles in theater and film. A feminist role model with abig ego. A woman who decided to do it all by her self, and who became one of Sweden´s greatest actors. A whole life on stage, and them cam the cancer.



Titel: The Bald Primmadonna

Lenght & Release: 2016 (work in progress)

Director: Fredrik Egerstrand & Tintin Anderzon

DoP: Conny Fridh

Producer: Fredrik Egerstrand

Editor: Björn Lindgren

Cast: Kim Anderzon, Krister Henriksson, Judith Hollander, Johan Rabeus, Tintin Anderzon, Monica Nielsen, Monica Dominique and more

Finance & Distribution: SVT, Film i Väst and Filmpool Jämtland.

© 2016 Copyright CONNY FRIDH