Work In Progress / Documentary - The Xavier Story

In its 95-year history, Xavier University of Louisiana has faced adversities almost Biblical in scope. Hurricanes. Floods. Cultural revolution. State and local governments that fought against its very existence. Xavier, the nation's only Catholic and historically black university, was founded by a white nun who was determined to admit students of all races—and to do it in the same city, New Orleans, where Plessy vs. Ferguson had prompted decades of legal, enforced, racial segregation, all across the American South. And yet, Xavier has thrived.


Over the past year, the Xavier Story Project has been interviewing men and women who’ve lived this history. It will unveil their interviews in an exhibition at the university's 2019 Homecoming. It will also feature them as part of a website that illuminates Xavier’s role in New Orleans history and in America's civil rights struggle. Finally, it will create a framework where students, faculty, and alumni can continue recording their own Xavier stories, today and in the future.

Documentary about the American civil right’s movement’s history in New Orleans.


Stillframe from shoot in New Orleans, 2019


Director / Producer: Helen Malmgren

Researcher: Jacques Morial

1st DP: Rob Fortunato

2nd DP: Conny Fridh

Sound: Keith McManus

Gaffer: Declan R Ryan




Exhibition and Interview Film for the artist duo Cooper & Gorfer

Between 2015 - 2016, Cooper & Gorfer were invited by Konstmuseet i Norr to create a portrait series where women within the Sámi culture stand in focus.

Produced by Konstmuseet i Norr with Cooper & Gorfer and Conny Fridh

Filmed and edited by Conny Fridh, B-foto Olle Agelii


Bts. DoP / Producer Conny Fridh, Production: INTERRUPTIONS


Filmed 2017 in the north of Sweden, Kiruna, Nikkaluokta, Abisko



Conny Fridh

Conny Fridh is a Swedish based film cinematographer working with commercial projects as well as feature film documentaries.






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