Documentary on actress Kim Anderzon. Loved and acclaimed for her roles in theater and film. A feminist role model with a big ego. A woman who decided to do it all by herself, and who became one of our greatest actors. A whole life on stage. And then came the cancer.


Directed by: Fredrik Egerstrand

Research & intervjues: Tintin Anderzon

Producer: Egerstrand & Blund

Edit: Björn Lindgren

DoP: Conny Fridh

Music: Jujja Rintamäki, Per Störby Jutbring


Cast: Kim Anderzon, Johan Rabaeus, Björn Granath, Gert Fylking, Judith Hollander, Kristoffer Henriksson, Lasse Naumberg, Peter Kneip, Annmarie Kastrup, Utas, Tintin Anderzon, Björn Gedda, Olle Remaeus, Annika Ränge, Ted Åström, Erik Appelgren, Lottie Ejebrant, Lasse Källenius, Tomas Nordström, etc…

B-foto: Julia Stanislawska, Lukas Eisenauer, Jimmy Svensson, Gustaf Thörn
Musical supervision: Louise Hammar

Sound recording: Lars Wignell

Sound mix: Oskar Lindberg /Svenska Gramofoinstudion

Post CEO: Clas Hakeröd

Grading online: Nikolai Waldman

PR: Ebba Lindqvist

CO Production by: Canfilm, Film i väst, SVT

Distribution: Folketsbio

The documentary film about the Swedish actress Kim Anderzon is currently showing on the Swedish cinemas. Here are some pictures from premiere screening when the film opened the Tempo Documentary filmfestival in Stockholm (17-03-06).

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Conny Fridh

Conny Fridh is a Swedish based film cinematographer working with commercial projects as well as feature film documentaries.


Latest work and bts of some of the shots.


Exhibition and Interview Film for the artist duo Cooper & Gorfer

Between 2015 - 2016, Cooper & Gorfer were invited by Konstmuseet i Norr to create a portrait series where women within the Sámi culture stand in focus. The result was a collaborative photographic exhibition and book entitled, Interruptions (Gaskkalduhttimat). Interruptions, explores the contemporary context of broken timelines, identity and personal histories. From the cultural and political interventions that have violated and shaped this Indigenous culture, to the very personal ruptures of the women portrayed – women, whose lives have been interrupted in one way or another. As a whole, the project seeks to interrelate personal tremors with the political and cultural interruptions that still impact the Sámi identity today.


The following film was created as a compliment to this project, giving voice to some of the women portraited.


Produced by Konstmuseet i Norr with Cooper & Gorfer and Conny Fridh

Filmed and edited by Conny Fridh, B-foto Olle Agelii


The Interruptions film includes interviews, appearances and reflections by Anna-Stina Svakko, Brita Mangi with Yana Mangi, Lisa Kejonen Pauker, Eugenia Skårpa, Carina Sarri, Monica L Edmondson, Lisa Poggats Sarri, Tintin Poggats Sarri, and Barbro Poggats.


This film was made possible by funds from Konstmuseet i Norr and Sámediggi.


Cooper & Gorfer comprises the artists Sarah Cooper (US, 1974) and Nina Gorfer, (AT, 1979). The artist duo is known for their distinct painterly hybrid aesthetics. Thematically, their work often revolves around issues of cultural identity.


Bts. DoP / Producer Conny Fridh, Production: INTERRUPTIONS


Filmed 2017 in the north of Sweden, Kiruna, Nikkaluokta, Abisko


Camera: RED Scarlet Weapon 5K



Number: 0046 736926576


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